String Orchestra of Brooklyn


Thu, March 27, 2014 - 8pm

String Theories: Eli Keszler, Catherine Lamb, Zach Layton & Doron Sadja

Roulette: 509 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn 11217

The String Orchestra of Brooklyn performs the World Premiere of four new works by young composers at the forefront of composition and improvisation: Eli Keszler, Catherine Lamb, Zach Layton, and Doron Sadja. Now in its third edition, this year's "String Theories" is presented in collaboration with Roulette.


Jun 1 – Jun 29, 2012

Darmstadt Institute 2012

The fourth annual Darmstadt “Classics of the Avant Garde” Institue celebrates all of June as the ersatz new music history month in New York and draws on a wide variety of experimental approaches from the canon and current practice.


Sat, March 17, 2012 - 8pm

String Theories: The String Orchestra of Brooklyn

St. Ann and the Holy Trinity Church, 157 Montague Street, Brooklyn

String Theories is a joint partnership between ISSUE Project Room and the String Orchestra of Brooklyn designed to provide innovative artists with a unique opportunity to premiere new experimental works for string orchestra. Featuring works by Anthony Coleman, C. Spencer Yeh, MV Carbon, and Eric Wubbels.

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