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These programs are recorded live in performances produced by ISSUE Project Room and broadcast in collaboration with the radio station of the Clocktower Gallery, operating at

ISSUE Radio is rebroadcast monthly on WGXC 90.7-FM / Wave Farm 103.9 in Greene and Columbia counties, NY.

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In this interview from Clocktower Radio, Eve Essex talks to composer Pat Spadine about his story-driven, genre-defying, deliciously sensual, multimedia "opera", Apollo's Accidental Answer, which appears in its final form at ISSUE Friday, June 27, 2014.
Recorded in October 2013, Australian guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Oren Ambarchi performs live at ISSUE our anniversary festival "Ten Years Alive on the Infinite Plain".
Recorded live in December 2013: experimental turntablist Marina Rosenfeld and electronic composer Mats Lindström. This first-ever collaboration was part of ISSUE's third-annual Swedish Energies festival.
C. Spencer Yeh performs a solo electronic set, recorded live as part of the PAN_ACT festival in June 2013. The set starts off with a minimal percussion sound, evolving into a complex glitch beat and textural washes of electronics.
The legendary Michigan trio creates harsh and hypnotic electronic landscapes, merging the frenzied energy of hardcore with the nihilistic menace of early industrial and noise. Recorded live from ISSUE's summer 2013 series at Pioneer Works.
Recorded live in June 2013, percussionist Eli Keszler and saxophonist Ashley Paul perform a duo as part of the PAN_ACT festival. Keszler's bowed crotales and cymbals resonate within Paul's altissimo sustains and drastic pitch bends. The split tone combinations from these instruments is surprising and overwhelming, creating continuously shifting, multi-layered harmonics and intense inner ear sound.
A pioneering force behind the evolution of minimalism, violinist and composer Tony Conrad's performances employ a droning, mesmerizing performance idiom of long durations, amplification, and precise pitch to explore new worlds of sound. In this recording, Conrad performs live on solo violin in celebration of ISSUE Project Room's 10th anniversary, recorded live in July 2013.
Using a medley of instruments from children's hand bells to found objects, The Ashcan Orchestra led by composer/performer Pat Spadine perform live at an ISSUE show in November 2012. The D.I.Y. ensemble adopts ideas of grander ends from humble beginnings.
Philosopher, artist, and avant-garde composer Henry Flynt joins WKCR's Tommy McCutchon and Lawrence Kumpf to discuss and listen to rare and never before heard selections from his diverse body of work, as well as his participation in PAN_ACT.
Recorded live in September 2012, this concert of solo and duo sets by Nate Wooley and Lebanon's Mazen Kerbaj reimagines the physical boundaries of the trumpet— combining vocalization, extreme extended technique, noise and drone aesthetics, amplification and feedback, and compositional rigor.
Recorded live at ISSUE in March 2012, piano/percussion quartet Yarn/Wire premiere "Eliminated Artist", a collaboration with Pete Swanson. Swanson recorded improvised rehearsals by Yarn/Wire, working with the ensemble to craft a repeatable framework for live performance. A combination of acoustic signal and rehearsal recordings were then constructed into a live electronic mix.
HPSCHD, John Cage and Lejaren HIller’s legendary Gesamtkunstwerk is a mass media orgy, considered by many as the wildest, largest, and loudest musical composition of the 20th century. In this conversation, Clocktower Radio's David Weinstein hosts three participants in ISSUE's 2013 restaging in New York: Nick Hallett, Bradley Eros, and Joel Chadabe, along with Cage specialist/composer Ron Kuivila.
A performance by Frances-Marie Uitti, cello virtuoso, innovator, and champion of new and experimental music, recorded live at ISSUE in February 2011. The recital features compositions dedicated to Uitti by Rocco Di Pietro, Annie Gosfield, and György Kurtág, as well as one of her own multiphonic works.
Hunter Hunt-Hendrix kicks off his residency in a duo performance as Liturgy with Bernhard Gann. Eruptions of distorted guitar and industrial-like discharges of noise that accelerate, decelerate and explode in and out of sync with the back beat. Apocalyptic and ethereal.
Drawing on Indian music, Minimalism, and the outsider tradition of instrument building composers, Che Chen and Sherlock Terry‘s collaborative work is rooted in the sonic potential contained within a single note. This work was created as part of ISSUE's Emerging Artist Commission program, and premiered September 8th 2012.
Harmoniumist/electronicist Jaime Fennelly performs with choreographer Miguel Gutierrez in a reunion of their long-time collaboration. Fennelly bends slowly-building, repetitive melodies into massive sonic mountains.
In May 2012, ISSUE presented a rare live performance by Klyd and Linda Watkins of Poetry Out Loud— a 70s era audio magazine of oral poetry and word-as-sound art— with guests Tom Carter, Keith Connolly and Dave Nuss.