Program Announcements

Tectonics Festival New York

5/23/14 to 5/25/14

The inaugural US iteration of Iceland’s acclaimed Tectonics festival comes to NYC in four events at ISSUE, presenting a rich program of new composition, improvisation and unique cross-genre collaborations exploring iconic voices in experimental composition.

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Ultima Festival New York 2014

4/23/14 to 4/26/14

Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, the Nordic region’s premiere contemporary music festival, descends on New York for its first stateside edition with a rich program of diverse and challenging contemporary music as well as avant-garde sounds past and present from the Nordic countries.

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Unsound Festival NY 2014

4/02/14 to 4/06/14

Unsound Festival New York, fearless, bold and adventurous, is a stateside edition of the annual premiere alternative music festival Unsound Festival in Krakow, Poland (now in its twelfth year). Spring 2014 sees their return with this fourth New York edition at venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn, including ISSUE.

Program Announcements

Swedish Energies: EMS in NYC 2013

12/06/13 to 12/07/13

The third-annual Swedish Energies festival is a free two-night series showcasing a huge lineup of some of Sweden’s most visionary electronic and improvisational musicians, including a series of unique collaborations pairing Swedish and American artists for the first time.

Program Announcements

Artists-In-Residence 2014


ISSUE is pleased to announce the selection of our 2014 Artists-in-Residence: Raul De Nieves, Moriah Evans, Peter Evans, Georgia Sagri, and Gillian Walsh. ISSUE's AIR program offers artists an opportunity to develop significant new works in partnership with ISSUE over the course of the year.

Program Announcements

Benefit for ISSUE Honoring Kim Gordon

11/13/13 to 11/14/13

A two-night benefit series for ISSUE honors legendary artist Kim Gordon. In three events over two nights, Gordon is joined by a range of collaborators Bill Nace & Ikue Mori as Body/Head, artist Jutta Koether, Lizzi Bougatsos & Sadie Laska's industrial duo I.U.D., and drummer Tim Barnes. J Mascis plays solo.

Program Announcements

Ten Years Alive on the Infinite Plain

8/31/13 to 10/26/13

In Fall 2013, ISSUE celebrates its ten year anniversary with Ten Years Alive on the Infinite Plain— a two-month festival revisiting seminal past projects and initiating new relationships with emerging artists working across and between the disciplines of sound, dance, film, performance, and literature.

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6/14/13 to 6/29/13

ISSUE and Goethe-Institut present a multi-faceted series of performances, talks, and installations exploring the intersections of conceptual art in underground dance and experimental music. PAN_ACT includes a diverse array of established and emerging artists working in Berlin, London, Boston, and New York.

Program Announcements

Keiji Haino

4/17/13 to 4/20/13

ISSUE Project Room and the Whitney present three nights with Keiji Haino in solo and duo performances with Tamio Shiraishi and Loren Connors. One of the most legendary guitarists to come out of Japan, Keiji Haino is well known for his harsh blues-inspired guitar and torrential walls of sound with his band Fushitsusha.

Program Announcements

Frances-Marie Uitti + Carol Robinson in Residence

4/05/13 to 4/06/13

Clarinetist Carol Robinson and cellist Frances-Marie Uitti have worked in parallel for years, originating from their work with Giacinto Scelsi. Together they are spectacular colorists; two bows, birbyne, string resonators, basset horn, in improvisations and compositions using naked sound and electronics.

Program Announcements

AMPLIFY 2013: rotation

1/15/13 to 1/16/13

ISSUE in collaboration with Erstwhile, presents two nights with legendary guitarist Keith Rowe. Rowe performs solo and premieres collaborations with former Shadow Ring member Graham Lambkin, longtime collaborator and renowned composer, guitarist, and pianist Christian Wolff, and Wandelweiser member Michael Pisaro.

Program Announcements

Artists-in-Residence 2013


ISSUE Project Room is pleased to announce our Artists in Residence for 2013: James Hoff, Ben Vida, devynn emory, Jules Rosskam, and Sabisha Friedberg.

Program Announcements

Swedish Energies: EMS in NYC 2012

11/30/12 to 12/01/12

The second annual Swedish Energies is a free two-night festival featuring a huge lineup of some of Sweden’s most exciting experimental musicians and artists. Performances include collaborations between U.S. and Swedish artists, as well as a cross-section of Sweden's most pre-eminent experimental groups.

Program Announcements

Mind Over Mirrors in Residence

11/16/12 to 11/17/12

Mind Over Mirrors AKA harmoniumist/electronicist Jaime Fennelly comes to NYC for two nights of premieres: a collaboration with internationally celebrated choreographer/performance artist Miguel Gutierrez, and the presentation of his soundtrack for Donald Prokop's film Gone with Chicago band Zelienople.

Program Announcements

Voices and Echoes

9/27/12 to 9/28/12

Curated by Aki Onda, "Voices and Echoes" is a landmark tour coming to ISSUE in September. Including pioneering Japanese artists renowned for their unique, interdisciplinary approaches to sound-based practices: Akio Suzuki, Gozo Yoshimasu, and Otomo Yoshihide.

Program Announcements

Touch.30 Live in NYC

9/13/12 to 9/16/12

Touch and ISSUE present a series of events celebrating the publisher's 30th anniversary. Since its first release in 1982, Touch has created sonic and visual productions that have made it the most enduring of any independent music company of its time.

Program Announcements

Philip Glass: Music With Friends

7/13/12 to 7/15/12

For three intimate evenings, Philip Glass comes to ISSUE Project Room-- a rare occasion featuring Glass in duo performances with Laurie Anderson, Jon Gibson, and Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields, as well former ISSUE Artists-in Residence Tristan Perich, Nate Wooley, and Ryan Sawyer with Ben Vida.

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Responding to a declining network of support for innovative experimental literature outside academic institutions, Littoral serves as a central hub for fostering cutting-edge writers, publishers, and literary journals.

Program Announcements

Darmstadt Institute 2012

6/01/12 to 6/29/12

The fourth annual Darmstadt “Classics of the Avant Garde” Institue celebrates all of June as the ersatz new music history month in New York and draws on a wide variety of experimental approaches from the canon and current practice.

Program Announcements

Susan Alcorn in Residence

5/30/12 to 7/31/12

Susan Alcorn is a Baltimore, Maryland-based composer and musician who has received international recognition as an innovator of the pedal steel guitar, an instrument whose sound is commonly associated with country and western music.