Music Including Daniel Carter

The first night of writer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Carter’s two-night residency will feature his band WAKE UP! (with Demian Richardson, David Moss, and Federico Ughi) following a set including Carter with guest musicians Laurie Hockman, Margo Grib, Claire de Brunner, Marianne Giosa, Rebecca Schmoyer, Taylor Cannizzaro, Ken Silverman, Pete Drungle, and Tom Zlabinger.

Multi-instrumentalist Daniel Carter (b. 1945, Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania) is both a writer and a musician, and plays alto and tenor saxophones, flute, trumpet, clarinet and piano. Since coming to New York in 1970, he has sought out musicians and situations that encourage free expression. When he first came to the city he played in soul bands as well as avant-garde jazz groups. He has always tried to transcend genre boundaries (Hip-Hop, R&B, DJ, classical (both traditional and avant-garde), world music (both traditional and contemporary), Jazzoetry, Abstract, Concrete, Noise, Punk, Hardcore Punk, Electronic (of all sorts), Commercial, Non-commercial, Professional, Non-professional) and still finds it to be as daunting a challenge as ever. Nonetheless, at the same time he remains undaunted in the face of this challenge in part because all through the years he has always been recharged and renewed by the energy that emanates from and still pours into his life and into New York, particularly in the form of tremendously motivated, devoted, and able musicians who are drawn into the cosmic cauldron that is NYC from all over the world.  He lives in Manhattan with his wife, visual artist Marilyn Sontag.

Demian Richardson (trumpet)
David Moss (electric bass)
Federico Ughi (drums)
Daniel Carter (alto, soprano, and tenor, saxophones, flute, clarinet, and trumpet)

Guest Musicians:
Laurie Hockman (flute)
Margo Grib (violin, viola, voice)
Claire de Brunner (bassoon)
Marianne Giosa (trumpet, flutes, percussion)
Rebecca Schmoyer (guitar)
Taylor Cannizzaro (cello)
Ken Silverman (guitar)
Pete Drungle (piano and/or electric keyboard)
Tom Zlabinger (bass)

Claire de Brunner has studied with the principal bassoonists of the NY Philharmonic and the Metropolitan Opera. After attending conservatory, she discovered the downtown music scene of the ‘80s, playing with bands such as 101 Crustaceans and Church of Betty. From there, she studied jazz with Lee Konitz and Connie Crothers and became active in the free improvisation world, where she collaborates with many musicians.

Cellist Taylor Cannizzaro studies sociology at SUNY Purchase College. She continues to expand her knowledge of music by performing various styles with different artists around the New York area.

Guitarist and other-strings experimenter Ken Silverman uses his forays into jazz, rock, and blues to further his adventures in free improvisation, experimental music and composition. He has played with Daniel Carter, Roy Campbell and others. While not eschewing the "powerful" aspects of his instrument, Silverman puts a great emphasis on what can be achieved through delicacy and melody.

Pete Drungle (piano and/or electric keyboard)

Tom Zlabinger (bass) is a lecturer of music and director of jazz ensembles at York College CUNY. A student of Anthony Cox, he has made music with a wide range of musicians including Marshall Allen, Glen Branca, Lukas Foss, and William Parker. He is currently completing his dissertation at The Graduate Center CUNY on jazz and improvised music in Vienna.

Margo Andrea Gezairlian Smithers Grib actress, singer, violinist, composer, dancer, poet, comedian. Credits include Atlantic theater Co (founding member), Einstein on the Beach (world tour), London Shakespeare Co., C'est Vrais by Robert Frank, Ivory Consort  and Alba Consort.

Federico Ughi is a drummer based in New York. Born in Rome, Italy in 1972 he relocated to London at age 21 to play music, from there moving to New York in 1999 again to play music. He has been based in Brooklyn, NY ever since. Federico plays drums, writes songs and lyrics and plays with people he likes. He has performed or recorded with Federico Ughi Duets, Federico Ughi Options Quintet, Daniel Carter, William Parker, Darius Jones, Eri Yamamoto, The Cinematic Orchestra, Bloody Riot, Leila Adu, the groups Testastella and WAKE UP! among others.

WAKE UP! is a genuine band, but even more than a band, it's a movement for increasing consciousness--a movement primarily interested in evoking the evolution of consciousness in us all, through SOUND and beyond. The members of WAKE UP! all knew each other from previous music collaborations, but it wasn't until May, 2009 that Federico Ughi, Demian Richardson, David Moss and Daniel Carter started getting together regularly as a quartet. The band integrates and synthesizes an array of styles, while not being limited or stuck in any one style or genre. "With a debut self-titled album (out now), WAKE UP! are riding a wave of youthful enthusiasm every bit as boisterous and impatient as their name." –Daniel Spicer, The Wire