Saturday, August 24, 2013 - 2:00pm

Wolf Eyes / The Men / Amen Dunes / PC Worship / KHF

Pioneer Works: 159 Pioneer St, Brooklyn, 11231
$15 General
$12 Members / Students

ISSUE and Pioneer Works' collaboration continues with an all-day indoor/outdoor party of frenzied electronic, post-punk noise, and lo-fi experimental rock in Red Hook. Michigan noise legends Wolf Eyes headline, joined by The Men, Amen Dunes, PC Worship, and KHF.

Doors open at 2pm. Online sales have now ended, door tickets are available.
3:15 - KHF
4:00 - PC Worship
4:45 - Amen Dunes
5:45 - The Men
6:45 - Wolf Eyes

A free ferry from Manhattan to Red Hook stops a short walk from the venue.

Drawing from such disparate sources as Throbbing Gristle, Black Flag, and King Tubby, the Michigan trio Wolf Eyes create harsh and hypnotic electronic landscapes that merge the frenzied energy of hardcore with the nihilistic menace of early industrial and noise. The band began as a solo project for noise veteran Nate Young, with Aaron Dilloway and John Olson joining soon in 1998 and 2000. Dilloway left the band in 2005 to make arrangements for his wedding in Nepal, and was replaced by Mike Connelly of Kentucky noise band Hair Police. Constant touring in the early 2000s brought the group a strong cult fan base and opened the hermetic world of the noise underground to a new generation of curious indie rockers, punks, and experimentalists. The group is rumored to have released over 150 recordings in their relatively short lifespan, on labels such as Bulb Records, Troubleman Unlimited, Fusetron, and Sub Pop, as well as on Olson’s American Tapeslabel, Dilloway’s Hanson Records and, most recently, Mike Connelly’s Gods of Tundra label.

The Men yes, “The,” are a four-piece post-punk outfit from Brooklyn, NY. Their catalog, which began in 2008 with a hand-dubbed self-released demo cassette, has grown to include two LP’s — We Are the Men and Immaculada — two more tapes, and a 7-inch. They have toured three times, played over 75 shows and have grown a following of die hard fans crowding into living rooms and basements throughout the five boroughs, desperately trying to see them. The band released their fourth studio album New Moon in March of this year on Sacred Bones.

Amen Dunes, the solo project of Damon McMahon, began with recordings made in the fall of 2006 in upstate New York. Those tapes were initially put on the shelf as personal recordings he never intended for release, and the following summer, McMahon moved to China and all but stopped making music. He would live in Beijing for the next few years, writing and recording only occasionally. With the release of DIA on Locust Music in 2009, however, he decided to move back to the States and form a band around Amen Dunes. After playing in New York and touring the US and Europe from 2009–2010, in the summer of 2010 McMahon released the Murder Dull Mind EP, a collection of the apartment recordings made while in Beijing, on Sacred Bones. In 2011 he released his second full length, Through Donkey Jaw, his first proper recordings in almost five years.

PC Worship are a collective group of musicians living in New York, spearheaded by the songwriting and composition of Justin Frye, that skirts in and out of musical generalization and re-focuses creative energy on aesthetic contrast & varied song form. As a result PC Worship venture amicably through mutated third stream folk, psychadelic, grunge and punk tendencies that are dually inspired by written pop songs and ambivalent, yet well executed free improvisation. "PC Worship crafts sound-collages so evocative that with a few locked grooves and loftier ambitions, the peripheral noise could infiltrate experimental academia. But, the serpentine song-structures and inventive rhythms give each track a pulse (&) insistent beats raise PC Worship from druggy experimentalists to innovative NYC noise rock titans." (Impose).

New Hampshire native Patrick Cole aka KHF moved to Brooklyn in 2007. Past a short stack of releases on his imprint "Blackout Correspondence" along with Trepanner, look for forthcoming burners via Sleepy Hollow Editions, Idiotunderground, and Beer on the Rug. Cole jams in United Waters (Mouthus, Mr Transylvania ), Utereye (Mouthus, Telecult Powers), and The Second Sun, a duo with Kyle Clyde.

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