Darmstadt Institute 2011

Zeelab + IKTUS Percussion Quartet

Darmstadt presents Zeelab (Jacob Adler & Ilona Kubiaczyk) with the Iktus Percussion Quartet. The evening will feature music by Philip Glass, Tom Johnson, Jacob Adler, Morton Feldman, and Mauricio Kagel; and special guests Taka Kigawa, piano, and Christa Van Alstine, bass clarinet.

Based in New York City, the IKTUS Percussion Quartet is an ambitious, dynamic young ensemble committed to expanding the boundaries of the percussion genre.  The group formed in 2005 at the SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Music, alma mater of each member.  IKTUS is: Chris Graham, Roy Campbell and Justin Wolf.

Zeelab began at the edge of the North Sea. The windy shores of Zandvoort aan Zee became for Ilona and Jacob Adler an inspiring environment in which to discuss and develop new musical ideas and questions: how can biological growth and fractal integer sequences be expressed in sound? what does the 17th century Stylus Fantasticus performance practice sound like on a hammond organ? how can the overwhelming ecstatic drone experience bring communities together? Armed with pipe organs, pianos, synthesizers, and laptops, Zeelab continues to explore the sonic universe in a wide variety of spaces. Collectively, Ilona and Jacob have performed their music in 12 countries; they currently reside in Phoenix, AZ.

IKTUS Percussion
(1996) Auftakte, sechshändig by Mauricio Kagel
Taka Kigawa-Piano
Iktus Percussion

(1981) Bass Clarinet and Percussion by Morton Feldman
Christa Van Alstine-Bass Clarinet
Iktus Percussion

(1969) Music in Similar Motion by Philip Glass
Zeelab and Iktus Percussion



Automata by Jacob Adler
Zeelab and Iktus Percussion

Multiplication Table by Tom Johnson
Zeelab and Iktus Percussion

Praeludium / Capriccio by Jan Podbielski and Johann Froberger

Dance of the Kicius by Jacob Adler

Litanie by Jan Welmers

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