Rest in peace Tony Conrad (1940-2016). The iconoclast composer, musician, video artist, teacher, and former ISSUE board member...forever alive on the infinite plain.

Cecil Taylor, Tony Oxley, and Min Tanaka In Concert at The Whitney

Thu 14 Apr, 2016, 8pm,
Whitney Museum of American Art, Neil Bluhm Family Galleries

The Whitney Museum of American Art, in collaboration with ISSUE Project Room, is proud to present the opening night of Cecil Taylor's retrospective and festival. Renowned musician Cecil Taylor is joined by two longstanding collaborators, Tony Oxley and Min Tanaka.


Dan Conrad: Keening Tony

On Friday, April 7th, 2017 ISSUE gathered a group of artists who all shared a friendship with Tony Conrad, and a deep devotion to his music and art. In honor of Tony, who passed away on April 9th, 2016, Dan Conrad performs "Keening Tony" alongside his visual work "Edge."


Eric Frye - LIVE at ISSUE / March 11th, 2017

Saturday, March 11th, ISSUE presents composer, artist and curator Eric Frye performing work in 4-channel sound. Eric Frye performs his erudite style of uncompromising, fractured electronics that at once recall the spattered tangle of Keith Fullerton Whitman's recent generations, the digital subversions of Jeff Witscher and the incisive chimerizations of Florian Hecker.


Curtis Roads - Live at ISSUE / March 11th, 2017

Saturday, March 11th, ISSUE presents pioneering computer musician and scholar Curtis Roads cultivating his purely computer generated tonalities from the “…realm of microsound, [from] sound grains first predicted in the acoustical theories of the physicist Dennis Gabor and the polymath Iannis Xenakis.”



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