Anaïs Maviel

Fearless improviser, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Anaïs Maviel presents a special solo set, for her debut performance at ISSUE Project Room.

Maviel first performs a solo vocal set, accompanying herself on the surdo (Brazilian drum) and n’goni (West African harp). In a review of her recent album, Jazz Tokyo praises Maviel’s vocal performance, which "easily navigates various scales and song ideas, then at the very moment when her voice freely steps ‘outside' of any of those intelligible realms of sound, listeners encounter the irresistible thrill of her music.”

Anaïs Maviel is a vocalist, percussionist, multi-instrumentalist and bursting creative mind. The swelling waves of Maviel’s voice and the hybrid flow of her improvised sound cycles recall her French & Haitian origins. Creatively involved with William Parker, Aruán Ortiz, Larkin Grimm, Mara Rosenbloom, Matt Lavelle, Michael Bisio, Jen Baker, the Commons Choir and other mentors in the music, dance, theater, and performance worlds, she is dedicated to solo and cross-disciplinary ensembles, and to expanding the power of music as a healing and transformative act. Her solo album, hOUle, was recently released on Gold Bolus Records.