Yarn/Wire performs Ann Cleare

Yarn/Wire/Currents returns with newly commissioned experimental works by composers Ann Cleare, Chiyoko Szlavnics, Øyvind Torvund. Performed by the celebrated percussion and keyboard quartet Yarn/Wire, with an assemblage of acoustic, modified, electronic, and handmade instruments, this program presents the result of close collaborations between the group and an international array of composers to explore the intersections of live performance, installation, technology, and music theater.

Yarn/Wire is a chamber quartet specializing in the performance of 21st century music. A unique instrumental combination of two percussionists (Ian Antonio & Russell Greenberg) and two pianists (Laura Barger & Ning Yu) allows Yarn/Wire to interface with both traditional performance practice and emergent stylistic trends with ease. Founded in 2005, Yarn/Wire is admired for its "spellbinding virtuosity" (Time Out NY) and the energy and precision it brings to performances of today's most exciting music. Yarn/Wire were ISSUE Project Room Artist-In-Residence in 2012.

Ann Cleare’s recent work aims to create sonic objects and places that evoke architecture with tactile and colourful motions. Her new piece for Yarn/Wire begins with all four performers playing the inside strings of one piano, sculpting a nervous system of incredibly sensitive nodes, which are slowly extracted and re-morphosised into alternative beings outside of the piano space. The piece simultaneously traces two processes rooted from these “nodes”– a process of growth, and a process of stagnation– exploring the energy and psychology between these transformative states.