SOLD OUT! Dead Moon, J Mascis, Borbetomagus, Das Audit


ISSUE Project Room and Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation are pleased to present Dead Moon, J Mascis, Borbetomagus, and Das Audit live in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Few bands exude the DIY ethos more than the legendary Oregon-based trio Dead Moon. Formed in 1987 and recently reunited after an 8-year hiatus, their stripped down aesthetic crossing garage rock, punk, and country, has secured their status as one of the most enduring and revered Northwest underground bands of all time. The formidable guitarist, laconic songwriter and all-around grunge-deity J Mascis performs solo. Borbetomagus take free-improv to the extreme, creating a mass of relentless, take-no-prisoners noise. NYC improvising quartet Das Audit open the night with heavy instrumentals.

6PM: Das Audit
* special guest Malcolm Mooney (Can)
7PM: Borbetomagus
8PM: J Mascis
9PM: Dead Moon

Between sets:
DJ Ning Nong (Raspberry Bulbs/ Other Music)
DJ Ryan Naideau (Nude Beach / Other Music)

* Due to unforeseen health issues, Andrew Loomis will not take part in upcoming Dead Moon shows. With Andrew's blessing, Kelly Halliburton, drummer for Pierced Arrows, will stand in.

Fronted by the husband-wife team of Fred Cole on guitar and vocals, Toody Cole on bass and vocals, and the indefatigable Andrew Loomis on drums, Clackamas, Oregon’s Dead Moon have been churning out their own indescribable brand of rock and roll for over 20 years. After an 8 year hiatus the trio revived in 2013, and their intensity and vitality are as unquestionable now as ever. The model of DIY self-sufficiency, Dead Moon have recorded almost all of their output themselves, released much of it on their own label, Tombstone Records (“Music Too Tough to Die”). The group even cut their own masters, on the same 1954 mono lathe used to cut the The Kingsmen’s “Louie Louie.” Dead Moon’s most recent album, 2004’s Dead Ahead, was released domestically on Tombstone. They are subject of the 2006 documentary Unknown Passage: The Dead Moon Story.

In the quarter-century since he founded Dinosaur Jr., J Mascis has created some of the era’s signature songs, albums and styles. The laconically-based roar of his guitar, drums and vocals have driven a long string of bands – Deep Wound, Dinosaur Jr., Gobblehoof, Velvet Monkeys, the Fog, Witch, Sweet Apple – and he has guested on innumerable sessions. In 2014 J released Tied to a Star, the follow up to his acclaimed solo debut Several Shades of Why (2011). These are albums of incredible beauty, performed with a delicacy not always associated with his work.

Borbetomagus is a trio of Jim Sauter and Don Dietrich (tenor saxophones) and Donald Miller (guitar). For over two decades, the group have raised the mantle on intense improvisational sound parameters into one of the most unique sound configurations heard on planet earth. Heavy noise, deeply coiled feedback manipulation, hair-raising electronic squeal and the ultimate in air propulsion explosiveness, all initiated by humans.

"The freest, loudest, swingin'est white motherfuckers to ever jaw-cleave an industrial strength reed... Borbetomagus has long been a raucous fountain of tonal explosion and aesthetic purity, as well as a black-gloved fist up the diz of all conservative musical architects."
—Thomas Pynchon

Das Audit is New York-based instrumental ensemble formed in 2014, comprised of John Anderson (percussion), Eve Essex (alto sax/flutes), Craig Kalpakjian (guitar), and Sean Keenan (bass). The group takes an organic approach to composition, devising compact improvisational structures motivated by the physical properties of sound, classical composition, folk and traditional music, and rhythmic play. Recent appearances in New York include SculptureCenter, Greene Naftali, and Trans Pecos, among others. Their composition “Chorale” will be released on artist Peter Coffin’s forthcoming comp "Music For Plants vol. 3.”