ISSUE Project Room hosts outreach events in a variety of educational contexts, offering classes, workshops, symposia and discussions across disciplines. With programs that traverse the work, methods, histories, trajectories, and processes of experimental performance, outreach events play an essential role in ISSUE’s core mission of stimulating critical artistic dialogue in the broader community.

Working with academia, community organizers, like-minded arts organizations, artists, and members of the local and business community, ISSUE is committed to ongoing efforts in bringing diverse groups into collaborative discourse.

Clocktower's Site : Sound series features current ISSUE Artist-In-Residence Lori Napoleon (Antenes). The event takes place on June 14th, 2017 at Cooper Union School of Engineering's anechoic chamber in New York, NY. The series is curated by 2015 ISSUE AIR Lea Bertucci.

"Lori Napoleon will be leading an artist lecture, guided exercises, and hybrid demonstration/performance of anechoic sound (Anechoic: (an'ĕ-kō'ik), The property of being echo-free) and other "tiny" sounds at the site of Cooper Union's Anechoic Chamber, located within the "Vibration and Acoustics Laboratory". Discussion topics and live experiments will explore the concept of "silence" and the psychoacoustic effects of anechoic sound on our senses over time, and how this has influenced her practice, followed by an opportunity for all participants to spend time conducting guided listening experiments within the chamber themselves."

2017 outreach events are made possible by the generous support of NOKIA Bell Labs whose ongoing commitment to fostering innovation in the arts and sciences has distinguished Bell Labs as a leader dedicated to a collaborative spirit of experimentation.

Additional support for ISSUE's outreach activities is provided by the NYU Tandon School of Engineering.