Artists-In-Residence Alumni Collaborations: MV Carbon & Bradley Eros

Drawing its participants from the first 10 years of ISSUE Project Room’s Artists-In-Residence Program, AIR Alumni Collaborations is a performance that brings together former ISSUE resident artists in striking new combinations. Eccentric, interdisciplinary, and deeply experimental, the new collaborations showcase the wide-range of approaches found within the ISSUE community, amplifying each artist’s personal aesthetics while drawing unexpected parallels between their work.

Thursday, January 19th, ISSUE presents three first-ever collaborative performances by former ISSUE Artists-In-Residence focusing on highlighting their parallel and divergent performance strategies. MV Carbon performs a new collaboration with media artist Bradley Eros sharing the role of manipulating sound and image on a new project called The Mystery of Spiders -- a sound & projection performance conceptualizing scores based on spider webs.

MV Carbon's work is comprised of live music, performance, multi- media installation, video, and animation. Embracing a non-traditional approach to music, she uses stringed instruments, gongs, magnetic tape, amplified objects, electronics and hand-crafted sound devices. Her intention is to provoke an extrasensory awareness through the use of sound, image manipulation, and space. Her current work explores interchangeability, the human mechanism, perceptive states of consciousness, and the empirical force of nature. Carbon has done residencies at EMS (SE), ISSUE Project Room (NY), The Clockower Gallery (NY), and Roulette, (NY). She has composed work for The String Orchestra of Brooklyn and has performed at spaces including The Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY), PS1-MoMA (NY), The Guggenheim BMW Lab (NY), The Copenhagen Music Theater (DK), ULU (UK), Nefertiti Jazz Club (SE), Socrates Sculpture Park (NY), The Stone (NY), Performa 2011(NY), Roulette (NY), The Sage (UK), Casa Des Artes, (PT), Worm (NL), The Tate Modern (UK), and many more.

Bradley Eros is an artist working in myriad media: experimental film & video, collage, photography, performance, sound, text, contracted and expanded cinema & installation. He is also a maverick curator, composer, designer & investigator. Concepts include: ephemeral cinema, mediamystics, subterranean science, erotic psyche, cinema povera, poetic accidents, musique plastique, narcolepsy cinema & black hole cinema. He has exhibited at 2004 the Whitney Biennial & The American Century, MoMA, PS1, The New York, London & Rotterdam Film Festivals, Performa09, Exit Art, The Kitchen, Millennium, Ocularis, Light Industry, Issue Project Room, Microscope Gallery, Participant Inc, Cabinet, ABC No Rio, White Box, The New York Underground Film Festival, Migrating Forms, Warhol Museum, Pacific Film Archives, SF Cinematheque, in London, Lightcone in Paris, Arsenal in Berlin, Image Forum in Tokyo; Collaborated with the Alchemical Theater, the band Circle X, Voom HD Lab, expanded cinema groups kinoSonik & Arcane Project, and currently Optipus (laboratory); He has also worked for many years with the New York Filmmakers’ Cooperative, Anthology Film Archives, & co-directed the Roberta Beck Mercurial Cinema. He is represented by Microscope Gallery & in the collection of the Whitney Museum.