Rose Kallal

Rose Kallal presents a cinema performance using immersive, multiple 16mm film loops created using a wide range of technical processes including traditional animation techniques, video synthesis/feedback, and computer animation, along with Kallal's own electronic sound work using modular synthesis.

Rose Kallal is a New York-based artist, working with installation, sound and performance. She has collaborated with various artists and musicians including Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (Lichens), Joe Denardo (Growing), Mark Beasley, Victoria Keddie, and Mark O Pilkington. Her work has been presented internationally at many venues, galleries and festivals that include MoMA PS1 (NYC), Center for Contemporary Art (Glasgow, UK), Museum of Contemporary Art Bologna, (Italy), Lyles and King Gallery (NYC), Participant Inc. (NYC), Ramiken Crucible (NYC), Atonal Festival (Berlin, Germany), Sonic Acts Festival (Amsterdam, NE), CTM Festival (Berlin, Germany), Serralves Foundation (Porto, Portugal), Lightcone (Paris, France), Microscope Gallery (NYC), Wysing Arts Center (Cambridge UK), Performa (NYC), and the Unconscious Archives #17 (London, UK). Her forthcoming full-length LP, Perseus, will be released in early 2017 on the UK electronics label We Can Elude Control.