Eric Frye - LIVE at ISSUE / March 11th, 2017

Saturday, March 11th, 2017

ISSUE Project Room
22 Boerum Place, Brooklyn

Saturday, March 11th, ISSUE presents composer, artist and curator Eric Frye performing work in 4-channel sound. Eric Frye performs his erudite style of uncompromising, fractured electronics that at once recall the spattered tangle of Keith Fullerton Whitman's recent generations, the digital subversions of Jeff Witscher and the incisive chimerizations of Florian Hecker. Andrée Ehresmann, Professor Émérite at Université de Picardie Jules Verne, describes Frye's work as “challenging the perception of an auditor by the dissociations of the sonic environment, the heterogeneity of the successive motives, often separated by sharp fractures and repetitions with slight modifications of multifaceted sounds, recalling ‘real-world’ sounds, but with a variance.”

Eric Frye is a composer, artist, and curator. Exploring non-orientable sonic surfaces, Frye operates between the disciplinary boundaries of sound, philosophy, linguistics, and mathematics. His live performances and installations are focused towards a recalibrated layering of multi-channel diffusions. Simultaneously dissociative and palpable, Frye’s compositions activate an interplay between material and immaterial. His latest recording, On Small Differences in Sensation, which includes texts by Fernando Zalamea, Inigo Wilkins, Andrée Ehresmann and Mathias Béjean, was released by Copenhagen-based imprint, Cejero. His most recent curatorial endeavor, Exploring Compositional Epistemologies, a series of performances, lectures, and installations that took place at Midway Contemporary Art in Minneapolis was called "an erudite survey of the fusion of technology, composition and performance exploring the intersections of time, knowledge, self-hood and sonic space" by Mn Artists. In October 2016 Frye was artist in residence at EMS Elektronmusikstudion Stockholm. Currently, he is developing a multi-sensory performance with researcher Simone Niquille, in addition to preparing material for a solo exhibition and continuing his research at Orfield Laboratories Minneapolis. He has forthcoming releases on Anòmia, and Further Records.